Core competency
Research and developeent
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Core competency

Customer Service

EST’s technical service teams connect with users to offer fast response and efficient solutions.

Continuous employees training and products development

EST provides platforms and devices and collaborates with Universities for employee training, process improvement and product development.

Modern management

EST is managed by a young and passionate team with modern software management to make great ideas come true.

Research and developeent

EST commits itself innovative research and development. It has a provincial high-tech research center and a research institute under its management. The technology innovation team of EST was rated as a key innovation team of Zhejiang Province in 2011. The Precision Measurement Laboratory of EST has been identified by the COSTINE as a qualified lab in terms of involute spline testing.

Collaboration between EST and Shanghai Jiaotong University

The director of engineering team shares his knowledge

EST was awarded the first prize of the Chinese Machinery Industry Science and Technology

Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

EST’s patents

Site views
EST has over 500 sets of specialized processing equipment and heat treatment equipment, etc. and more than 30 sets of measuring instruments. Among them, over 100 sets of advanced precise CNC grinding equipment and instruments are imported from Germany. EST satisfies the overall demand of customers with its developed cutting and processing solutions and service system.
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